Studio Job Gallery

19 December 2009, Studio Job opened their own curatorial exhibition space for contemporary art and design in the heart of Antwerp.
The founders of Studio Job, internationally renowned designers and artists Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets have been working from Antwerp for almost ten years. A ‘perfect presentation’ of their work is very important to them.

“ In galleries that sometimes is not possible” , says Smeets.

Studio Job Gallery is an addition to the design studio in Antwerp, the production ateliers in Netherlands. The expansive industrial space (250m2) is located on the ground floor of a former cigar factory, not far from the museum quarter in het Zuid. The space is also intended to function as a platform and refuge for others: artists, designers, curators, galleries and museums.

During the opening exhibition The Birth (in cooperation with Zuiderzeemuseum) only their own work was on display but there have been guest exhibitors like Viktor & Rolf and Gerrit Thomas Rietveld in cooperation with MidMod-Design and  Central Museum Utrecht.

Just as Smeets and Tynagel cannot be reduced to the status of artists or designers, but rather occupy a unique position somewhere between, Studio Job cannot simply be described as a gallery. “Call it a chameleonic space” , says Smeets.