Maik Colsters, Lennart Zuydervelt, Pim Wetzels, Wesley Didden, Mel Bouman, Thom Snoeren, Rik Leijten, Bram Peijnenborg, Marie-Britt van Hove, Quinten Lans, Rebecca Sharkey.


‘From the beginning, Studio Job Atelier resulted in highly expressive, usually one-off or limited-edition works, often sculpt in bronze or, casted in ceramics or finely constructed in marquetry. Employing iconographic, pan-historic imagery which can be in the same moment both heraldic as well as cartoon-like, the results are consistently monumental and yet somehow primitive, and generally read neo-renaissance, clearly fantasist, and certainly more mannerist than modernist. Projecting a strong narrative quality, suggesting often a heroic battle between good and evil, their gorgeous collections seem born more from a medieval, guild-like process than an industrial approach.’

Loïc Le Gaillard, London 2013